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Custom Designed and Installed Wine Rooms

A beautiful design, along with superior craftsmanship are all important when creating a storage place for your fine wine. But even more important is keeping the quality and integrity of your wine the same as the day it was bottled.

Paul Palumbo understands wine. He knows that when designing a wine room you want to make sure the humidity and constant temperature is maintained to keep the wine's shelf life. From climate control to flooring to design, Paul can create for you a beautiful, funtional wine room.

Whether you have a large wine collection needing a full walk-in wine room or a small wine collection only requiring a seperate area in the kitchen or bar, Palumbo Renovations, LLC can custom your wine area to meet your needs.

Commercial Wine Rooms

Own a restaurant or wine retail store? Palumbo Renovations, LLC can handle your wine room needs too. We custom build to your specifications and have the ability to create a wine room show place. Our experience in commerical renovations as well as designing unique wine rooms put us above the competition.

Call (330) 653-8018 today for a free estimate and professional consultation with Paul Palumbo, our Master Carpetner. Let him design a wine room like no other.


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